Most Successful Facebook & Instagram Marketing Trends To Increase Customer Traffic

Instagram marketing has changed and evolved continuously to keep up the latest trends. Every feature brings something new for the brands to experiment with, and with the help of Wooxie start creating a brand reputation because it is more important for marketers to stay ahead of the latest trends.

1. IGTV Vertical View

IGTV vertical view has become a big Instagram trend, it supports all Instagram live videos, stories and a lot of Instagram users are now driving this trend. Vertical video views have gained major trends with the increasing use of mobile to access social networks.

Brands are leveraging this trend for a variety of purposes to showcase their product, run a contest or challenge, to show a tutorial and so on.

2. AR Effects

Anyone with any skill level can express themselves, create and publish your own AR effect on the Instagram business page and attract customers effectively.

Even for those with a limited technical background can get creative with Augmented Reality effects for Instagram.

3. Animations In Instagram Stories

With various trends and features happening on Instagram, finding creative ways to engage with your audience has become more important.

Now you don’t have to use a separate app for animations and to increase more story views, buy TikTok views from service providers to gain more results. Instagram provides animation effects and texts for any posts or videos. Instagram turns each user into a video pro and brings out creativity among each people.

4. Rise Of Shopping In Instagram

Instagram’s visual style makes easy for brands to display their product and the social network among followers makes it easy for brands and buyers to connect.

Adding links to stories has been extensively leveraged by brands to add direct product purchase links to stories. This would allow brands to showcase their products and increase sales conversions.

Facebook Marketing Trends

Facebook marketing requires constant monitoring of the latest trends to ensure the best marketing results. And with the continuous evolution of the platform, Facebook trends have increasingly influenced digital marketing.

1. Videos Going Live

With different variations, videos will remain an integral part of Facebook Marketing. Facebook live video for marketing has become increasingly more important. Facebook live engagement is becoming higher than Facebook post engagement.

Facebook live videos create an organic feel to the audience as well as the way it allows for real-time interactions between marketers and audiences are considered a big part of why it has been hugely successful.

2. AR/VR Camera Effects

Facebook’s camera effects platform leads the way towards an exciting and creative way of interaction.

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality have real effects on people. AR allows users to overlay virtual elements and VR enables users to enter into immersive experiences. Brands consider using AR/VR to help people experience and visualize products before buying them.

3. Innovative Visual Content


Shorter the video is more complete views it gets.

GIFs have become increasingly valuable for marketers through shorter videos. Creating too much content in GIF videos will breakdown its reactions. The content or message and call to action should be presented simple and effective.

4. Link Posts

Visual content tends to be effective on any social media platform. Link posts are easiest to publish new content and are considered equally important to visual posts. A link post creates an easy option when you want to share a quick update or an interesting article about your business page.

5. Reactions

Reactions have become the most popular choices after the like and comment section. It probably means people enjoy your posts more than the usual one.

Facebook launched Post Reactions which made people express themselves more creatively. Usage of reactions in posts encouraged marketers to create different content for different reactions.


With new technologies, brands have the power to shape the future of commerce and communication. A good way to follow these trends on your page is to focus on quality rather than quantity. These trends and features enable a more engaging, immersive and realistic experience throughout the final stage of shopping.