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Many have expressed their dissent towards the move of Instagram in its experiment to hide likes. It is said that if Instagram decides to hide likes permanently it will result in a drastic fall in its users count as many will shift to other social media platforms. It is opined that the likes are dopamine of Instagram that makes people glued to the visual platform and the hiding of likes will only result in making people look for new social platforms. Meanwhile, few celebrities who enjoy more fan following in this visual platform have stated that they have no choice other than making exit from this platform. However, few have nodded to the opinion that it is part of Instagram’s strategy to outgrow its peers and pump-in more followers. Once, Adam Mosseri made a statement that the experimentation of hiding likes will be extended to the United States of America, it turned into the talk of the town in a blink of an eye. The topic has turned into the prime time debate of news channels and the topic has made rounds globally. Therefore it is suitable to coin it as ‘Talk of the World’ rather than saying it as ‘Talk of the Town’. It was also noted that by making this announcement Instagram has made a huge promotion without spending a single penny or launching any campaign. The news has grabbed the eyeballs of many people and lasted as the talk of the town for a few days.

Thus some marketers said that the move will only pump-in more user’s Instagram which will eventually avail the visual platform to outgrow its peers. Eventually, service providers like Trollishly provide active Instagram services for people to gain more popularity on Instagram. Though Instagram has stated that the decision was made only for the benefit of its young users to ‘de-pressurize’ them. But, many youngsters have expressed their dissent that they are completely dissatisfied with Instagram’s move. We have no choice other than weaving a good-bye to Instagram if it decides to remove the hide likes permanently. But, it is expected that if Instagram decides to permanently hide the likes it may come with new features to fill the vacuum and to make people stay glued to the visual platform. Thus, it will open doors to a new experience for its users which will uplift their engagement with the visual platform. Thus Instagram is expected to come up with innovative measures to fill the vacuum created by likes. Many have opined that the move is necessary to enable new user experience as many new social media platforms are making an entry with distinct features. People can also buy Instagram Views services from effective service providers to increase new audiences to their account. Thus, if Instagram comes up with new innovative features it can knock down its competitors and can attain the spot of Facebook as the most used social media platform very sooner.

Meanwhile, many influencers are bewildered as they showcase likes as their major metric to show-off their reach which eventually drove more clients to them. Now, influencers are on the lookout for other options to withstand the unanticipated storm. Marketers have opined that the move will put an end card to the growing fake like providers. Many cases are reported in which influencers deceive the clients by showcasing fake likes. However, the move is regarded as part of the visual platform’s evolution which is expected to bring a drastic change in the user experience. Instagram has also noted that the move will make Instagram more content-centric and to turn the visual platform into more holistic. Thus, through this, it is evident that Instagram can turn into more of an informative platform if Instagram decides to hide the likes permanently.

Last year was filled with a lot of marketing strategies and success stories and so on. The new year 2020 has brought so many essential updates from tech giants like Google and Facebook. The following will let you know how chatbots helped business and what the new year has brought to us. All of the updates and new trends lead to increased traffic which can help people to generate sales, try services from service providers like  Twitrounds to increase followers consistently. Chatbots are self-help tools that work without human assistance and help brand-consumer experience. Here is how it ruled digital marketing.

Personalized Conversation

They can predict the responses that are similar to customer language and suggest products or services to customers based on the conversation history to generate sales with personalized services and suggestions. 

Chatbots can understand the customer queries and respond to them quickly in conversation, and it can learn from customer queries which haven’t been programmed before. Chatbots can handle basic questions if the customer wants, and they can be redirected to the customer support executive. 

Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights

Chatbots can monitor and gain knowledge through the feedback they collect through conversation. Brands can redesign responses for customer queries based on the collected data. In other words, companies can track the commands and responses given by their users to the chatbot,


Chatbots can help operational costs by reducing human assistance, and it can initiate and drive conversation to resolve customers. Chatbots can replace a large crowd of manpower with regular and predefined queries. It helps to automate conversation and provides a customer satisfied experience getting an instant solution to their problems. 

Drive traffic to the website

If you are trying to drive traffic to your website through social media platforms like Instagram, buy Instagram Likes services to gain more followers to your account. To drive traffic and engagement to your website by availing chatbots to chat with you as an option on your site.  This is similar to adding a social media button, and this can direct your visitors to a conversation.

Get Email Subscriptions

Automated bots can be used to get email subscriptions with a preprogrammed database of email ids. These don’t have any artificial intelligence and complex algorithms, and it follows a simple script to send responses by comparing keywords with the associated keyword in a conversation. There are some other ways to get an email subscription from customers by initiating conversation. The bots can capture the customer’s interest and process further. 

Stimulated self-service

Chatbots are programmed by responses designed by conversation history. Bots can boost real-time customer service and customer satisfaction. Chatbots have increased brand value through new technology. Chatbots are designed with capabilities that can manage any kind of customer queries without fail. For this ability to capture and responding to queries chatbots must be stimulated with self-service capabilities.  

Quick Response

Chatbots are programmed with a set of assumed customer queries with answers when a customer chooses a query chatbots will fetch answers to the customer. This increases customer reliability and responses immediately to Customers. But this does not solely solve customer issues. Chatbots can also face some challenges when the solution or problem has not been programmed. In this situation, chatbots can redirect customers to the FAQ page where they can get help to solve the problem. 

Recent Chatbot from Google

Currently, we have over 30000 chatbots on various platforms and social media such as Facebook Messenger. The success of chatbots can be measured with the following factors: customer satisfaction is one of the most required results from any marketing efforts. To make it more effective, chatbots must have a significant completion rate and reuse rates, which indicates that it is a flexible medium to reach brands. The way of communication and response can be another crucial benchmark that defines its success. 

As a volunteer, Google has taken action to resolve this. A new chatbot model named Meena solution from Google has undergone an end-to-end parameter of about 2.6 billion trained neural conversational models, which can solve some major issues of inconsistent information lack of sensible data as a word from Google Meena’s performance can actually replace a human conversation that is actually. Sensibleness and Specificity Average (SSA) a metric that evaluates Fundamental and crucial parts of human conversation.  


The purpose of chatbots is to give the real-time experience of talking to a human for brand-related queries. But chatbots are not much engaging like a human, and the chatbot is a piece of software that needs to be instructed accurately to get accurate results. This is a key issue to be solved to replace a human completely. A solution for this, chatbots must have the capabilities to understand instruction on a human level and must be like talking to a friend or known person.